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Tammy Myers Photography - you and I


You are head over heals in love and ready to take the plunge into your “happily every after”, you just need the perfect photographer to capture those memories and give you the portraits that will help you tell your wedding story for many years to come. You’re enthusiastic and fun, but your love is timeless. Maybe you’re crafty and creative and you’re looking for someone to help you hone in on the right look and style, or maybe you love all things artsy, but you’re not sure how to put that creativity into a vision. You may be a follower of current trends and up on all the newest styles, more of an “old soul” with a love for all things traditional and classic, or maybe you’re a bit eccentric and are looking for something out of the box and different. You of course want photos of all the wedding activities, but more than anything, you love different, intimate, and emotional portraits of “real” moments.

Either way, you’re on the hunt for the right person to be the fly on the wall that captures all of the special moments of your wedding day. If any of this sounds like you, then I would love nothing more than to be the one that captures all of your precious memories in photos. 

However don’t feel like you need to make this commitment over night. I understand that the biggest part of choosing a wedding photographer is being comfortable and confident that you chose the right person, so I never push my services on anyone. If you’d like to test the waters and get to know me a bit in advance, feel free to shoot me and email, we could set up a time to talk over the phone or even schedule a coffee date to talk about your needs, because at the end of the day, we’re in this together. 

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